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CoolBalance®- Brush grommets for cable management and air flow control in data centers

The CoolBalance line of brush products provides flexible solutions for sealing cable access holes in data centers. Combining our experience in applying strip brush to a range of sealing applications and our XtraSeal™ technology, CoolBalance brush seals can substantially reduce data center energy consumption. XtraSeal brings the sealing power of an impervious, yet flexible membrane sandwiched between thousands of filaments that effectively seal the openings required for data cable access.

Data centers and computer rooms require large amounts of cooled air to maintain proper temperatures for proper server functioning. Current hot aisle/cold aisle layouts create the potential to have hole cutouts in the hot aisle leaking huge amounts of cooled air into the hot aisle, completely bypassing the servers and communication equipment. This is a drastic inefficiency and waste of energy dollars. CoolBalance cable access hole seals provide cost-effective sealing with rapid payback. Many sealing products on the market are limited in size and shape, limiting installation flexibility. Coolbalance’s range of cable grommet sizes and shapes ensure effective cable management and sealing for balanced air flow, minimal air leakage and, servers and equipment are cooled effectively and cost-efficiently.

  • The CB11 model provides is a rectilinear seal that fits down into the floor and provides edge protection from the rough cutouts. These are available in variety of sizes to fit your needs.
  • Circular brush grommets completely encircle the cables providing an inherently superior seal through its geometry.
  • For existing data centers that may face a wide array of cutout dimensions or challenging installation roadblocks due to existing cabinetry and racks, the CB22 surface mount solution offers a ½” high profile, the CB22 will fit beneath most racks and cabinets. One end of the seal can be removed, the seal placed around existing cables, then the end reattached to complete the installation.
  • Models CB11H or CB22H accommodate openings near walls or other obstructions.
  • For through-wall applications, below the raised floor, the CB44 and CB55 prevent the cooled air from escaping out into the wall interior or into mechanical rooms.

CoolBalance Brush Grommets are manufactured by Sealeze, A Jason Company

For over 30 years, Sealeze has helped energy-conscious facilities managers improve the energy efficiency of their buildings to save money and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by reducing their heating and cooling requirements.

Sealeze got its start in the 1970s as a U.S. manufacturer and distributor of strip brush weatherseal. In the years since we have become the foremost innovator in brush solutions for a broad range of industrial applications. In 1999, Sealeze joined Jason Incorporated and became part of the Jason Finishing Group. The Jason Finishing Group consists of Sealeze, and Osborn International, with offices and manufacturing facilities in North America and throughout the world. All together, the Jason Finishing Group is the world’s largest industrial brush manufacturing organization.

We are a leader in providing brush solutions to a broad range of industries. We manufacture several types of brush constructions in a variety of sizes, filament types and materials. Our extensive forming and machining capabilities enable us to provide custom-formed shapes and holding/mounting configurations to meet specific application requirements.

Like most successful companies, Sealeze’s employees are the heart of our organization. At Sealeze, we all have one focus: meeting our customer’s needs for brush products and exceeding their expectations for service and quality. We operate under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to aid us in manufacturing the highest quality product every time. And, we strive to ship every order on time, day in and day out.

Sealeze, a Jason Company, solves problems and helps customers succeed. The means: brush. The end: results.
From industrial brush, Sealeze creates custom solutions that address special customer needs. We continually raise the bar for customer-focused innovation, drawing on a highly skilled staff, a unique problem-solving mindset, and the broadest inventory of brush sizes, filament types, and materials in the industry.

Jason Incorporated is parent company to a global family of manufacturing leaders within the automotive acoustics, components, finishing and seating markets. Financially strong and globally competitive, Jason business units feature strong leadership teams and world-class employees, along with an impressive roster of long-term customers including some of the world’s most recognized brand names. Through the implementation of the Jason Business System, Jason companies leverage their collective expertise and economies of scale to efficiently deliver best-in-class solutions that advance customers’ business. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jason employs more than 4,000 individuals in 14 countries.

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