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CoolBalance FAQ

  1. Should I use the CB11 in-floor or CB22 surface mount and what's the difference?
    In-floor provides an edge guard to protect the cables from the rough cut metal sides. In-floor sits down into the opening, yielding a lower profile (1/8"). The surface mount sits above the floor (no edge guard) and has a ½" profile above the floor.
  2. Should I use the round or rectangular?
    Round is superior for smaller openings, 6" dia or less. A 6" square can be covered by a 6" diameter 33-06. Larger openings and anything against the wall will require the rectangular.
  3. How do they cut a round hole in the floor tile?
    They use a standard industrial drill (portable press style) with a bi-metal hole blade. We've set up a Starrett blade if you want to buy through us, or they can order direct from a Starrett distributor. Morse is another company that makes these blades.
    CBARBOR.375 Arbor - $22.50
    CBHOLESAW4.75 - 4.75 dia hole blade - $45.00
    CBHOLESAW6.969 - 6.969" (6 31/32")dia hole blade - $127.50
  4. How do I mount a CB11 where there are existing cables run?
    Separate one end of the seal. Place the U shaped part around the cables, re-attach the end part and place in the hole. Screw unit down with the # 8 screws supplied or use double sided tape.
  5. How do I mount a CB22 where there is existing cables run?
    Yes, see above- same process
  6. How do I mount a CB33 where there is existing cables run?
    Customer should order the CB33S - split holder. Separate the coil so that you can wrap it around the cables, place it down over the hole, separate the holder and place the split holder around the cables and over the coil. Attach using the 4 - #12 screws supplied.
  7. How do I protect the cables from the rough tile cut on a CB22?
    This would have to be provided separately. There are many companies who sell this edge molding. (Tate Access Floors and probably every other floor manufacturer).
  8. How do I protect the cables from the rough tile cut on a CB33?
    Order a CB33EP-04/06. This has a two inch long PVC pipe mounted (glued) into the holder to provide the edge protection (EP).
  9. Can I get a CB33EP to install where existing cables are already run?
    Short answer - no. You would have to address the edges with separate edge molding, and use the CB33S.
  10. How high is the seal off the floor?
    CB11 - In-floor - 1/8" (the total height including the edge guard is less than 1 ¾" )
    CB22 - Surface mount - ½"
    CB33 - ½"
  11. How heavy are they?(weights are product only - no boxes/packaging)
    CB11-0609 0.95 lbs.
    CB22-0609 1.05 lbs. (there is more brush than CB11)
    CB33-04 0.24 lbs.
    CB33-06 0.55 lbs.
  12. Can I seal areas up against a wall?
    Yes, order the CB11H or CB22H. This would be, in essence ½ of a CB11/22. Consists of three sides, two corners, and one brush. Order based on the opening. An opening of 3" x 8" would require a CB22H0308. (not CB22H0608). The numbers always refer to the hole dimensions.
  13. What's different from KoldLok?
    KoldLok utilizes two rows of brush. A single row of brush leaves gaps when a cable penetrates the brush, forming a V. Therefore, KoldLok utilizes a second row of brush, shorter in length to fill this gap. This works fine until the second row of brushes has to separate to accommodate more cables (V gap created by brush fibers separating around the cable). CoolBalance utilizes our XtraSeal™ technology that incorporates an EPDM or rubber layer sandwiched in between the filaments. The rubber layer provides an impervious layer providing 100% sealing and wraps around the cables, no matter how many cables pass through the opening. KoldLok has a limited number of sizes. Even in some of their larger sizes, they are not providing a seal for more opening; they are just effectively making the hole smaller by mounting their seal on a steel plate that covers the larger opening. They really only have three (they just added a 4" x 6" size) standard sizes and one wall size.
  14. Does the seal need to be fire rated?
    It is our understanding that the access floor itself is not interpreted as part of the fire barrier system by NFPA. If you run into a customer who has a specific building code requirement to meet, contact us.
  15. Will the seals eliminate static electricity?
    No, is that a current problem for your customer? (We believe this is a bogus issue, brought up by KoldLok and no one else)
  16. How do I mount the CB11 in an edge of tile cut where the stringer gets in the way?
    To accommodate the stringer, add ½" to the cutout and the top flanged portion of the holder will span that distance, e.g. for a CB11-0609 being mounted on the edge of a tile, the cutout should be 6-1/2" x 9" (or 6" x 9-1/2" if stringer is on the width side)

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